Live Events

Open House

Friday, June 4 | 4:30 p.m. (PT)
Join us on Friday for an open house, where you can try out our new online platform, ask technical questions, mingle with your fellow alumni and enjoy a cocktail demonstration. Afterward, stay online for a special celebration of our four remarkable Distinguished Alumni Award recipients.  

See how to find your classmates.

See below for instructions on joining the virtual event. 

Individual Class Gatherings

Saturday, June 5 | 4 p.m. (PT)
Saturday evening is the main event! Join your classmates and fellow UW School of Medicine alumni for your individual class celebrations. Our featured speaker, Dr. Paul Ramsey, dean of the School, will give you a brief update on the state of medical education and the WWAMI program, UW’s ongoing COVID-19 response and the latest research. 

During your class gathering, you’ll have plenty of time to reconnect and reminisce with your medical-school cohort at virtual tables. Table-hopping is encouraged, so you can catch up with everyone!  

See how to find your classmates.

See below for instructions on joining the virtual event. 

Virtual Event Tips

Friday and Saturday evening events will be held on a new virtual event platform, Remo. At the event start time, click the JOIN THE EVENT button above to open Remo on your computer. Remo provides you the opportunity to “table-hop” and mingle with classmates and friends, all from your internet browser.

You’ll have the best experience mingling with your classmates if you join the online event from a desktop or laptop computer equipped with a camera and microphone. Before Reunion Weekend, visit from the device you plan to use to make sure it’s compatible with Remo. On this page, you can test your camera, microphone and speakers. Remo is compatible with MacOS and Windows 10. Chrome, Safari and Firefox web browsers are all compatible.  

If you are joining from a mobile phone or tablet, your experience may not be optimal. On an Apple product, Remo is compatible with the Safari browser. On an Android product, Remo is compatible with the Chrome browser. 

We highly recommend joining Friday and Saturday evening’s online events with a desktop or laptop computer!  

Day-of Instructions

On Friday at 4:30 p.m PT and Saturday at 4 p.m. PT, follow these instructions to connect: 

  1. Click the JOIN THE EVENT button above. 
  2. The event page will open in your web browser. Click “Save me a spot” or “Join event now,” then enter your name and email. 
  3. Once you’re in Remo, make sure you turn on your camera and microphone using the white taskbar at the bottom of your computer screen. You’ll be seated at a random table depending on when you join. Say hello to others at your table, then follow the instructions below to find your classmates.  
  4. Once you join a table with your classmates, mingle and continue to table-hop to make sure you have an opportunity to catch up with everyone.  
  5. Need help? On event day, our team will be available for help at   

Want to see what your Remo experience will look like? View the short video below. (

How to find your classmates

When you enter Remo, you may be seated anywhere. Take a moment to navigate to the floor where your class is meeting. Locate the “elevator” on the left side of your screen. Double-click the floor number located next to your class year in the chart below. When you arrive on the correct floor, look for tables with your class year. Double-click any open seat at a table to join. At any time, you can double-click on an open chair at another table to mix and mingle. 

Be sure to keep your camera on so that others know you are at the table and can see you.  

Members of the 50-year associationfloor 1
1955 (E-51)floor 1
1956 (E-52)floor 1
1960 (E-56)floor 1
1961 (E-57)floor 1
1965 (E-61)floor 1
1966 (E-62)floor 1
1970 (E-66)floor 2
1971 (E-67)floor 2
1975 (E-71)floor 3
1976 (E-72)floor 3
1980 (E-76)floor 4
1981 (E-77)floor 4
1985 (E-81)floor 5
1986 (E-82)floor 5
1990 (E-86)floor 5
1991 (E-87)floor 5
1995 (E-91)floor 6
1996 (E-92)floor 6
2000 (E-96)floor 6
2001 (E-97)floor 6
2005 (E-01)floor 7
2006 (E-02)floor 7
2010 (E-06)floor 7
2011 (E-07)floor 7
2015 (E-11)floor 8
2016 (E-12)floor 8