Save the Date! Reunion Weekend Online June 2021

2021 is your year! Please save the date for the first weekend of June.

Reunion will look different, but we will still reconnect, share what’s new and celebrate you. On the first weekend of June 2021, join us on our new online platform to celebrate the UW School of Medicine reunion with classmates and friends from your WWAMI site, distinguished alumni and School leaders.

We need your email address to make sure you can join us online. Update your contact information, and we’ll make sure you stay up-to-date on the latest reunion news.

Celebrating the classes of
the 50-year association and 1955 (E-51) · 1956 (E-52)
1960 (E-56) · 1961 (E-57) · 1965 (E-61) · 1966 (E-62)
1970 (E-66) · 1971 (E-67) · 1975 (E-71) · 1976 (E-72)
1980 (E-76) · 1981 (E-77) · 1985 (E-81) · 1986 (E-82)
1990 (E-86) · 1991 (E-87) · 1995 (E-91) · 1996 (E-92)
2000 (E-96) · 2001 (E-97) · 2005 (E-01) · 2006 (E-02)
2010 (E-06) · 2011 (E-07) · 2015 (E-11) · 2016 (E-12)

Update Your Info

Reunion details will be shared in the coming months, and we don't want you to miss anything! Please make sure we have your most current email address, and we'll keep you in the loop on all the exciting plans.

Your Classmates

When it comes to reunions, it’s people like you who make them special. Are there faculty or staff members you’d like to see? Classmates you’re especially excited to catch up with? Reunions are most successful when you are involved!


Reunion Ambassadors

Being an ambassador takes as little or as much time as you have to give. Simply call or email a few classmates and encourage them to attend. It’s a great way to reconnect with friends from the past! To learn more, contact us at or 206.685.1875.


50th Reunion Yearbook

A reunion yearbook is compiled for each class before their 50th reunion and distributed at the reunion. Started in 1999, the collection of reunion yearbooks is a treasure trove of information about the early years of the School of Medicine and the achievements of its graduates. Submit your entry today!